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Updated: Jan 2

Much of the info we have for NCVE members in our directory is outdated. If you were able to attend the retreat, you know how to rectify this problem. But for those of you unable to attend, we ask that you follow the instructions in this blog post for getting your updated/current ministry and contact info to the web.

01: Profile Image

Images must be a minimum of 600 x 600 pixels in size, and a minimum of 300 dpi (dots/pixels per inch). You may send a quality picture much larger in size for us to crop, but it might be much easier to take a new pic with a mobile device at HD Resolution. The picture to the right was taken at the retreat, and is a good example of the style and orientation of picture we need for the member directory.

02: Profile Bio

Please send a bio of roughly 1,500 words max. This should include a brief description of your credentials, how long you've been in ministry, and a concise description of the type of evangelism you provide (training, music, revival, street team, etc.). Please paste the text of your bio into the body of the email. Please DO NOT attach .doc files to your email.

03: Contact Information

Please provide at least 3 of the following 4 types of contact info.

  • Email

  • Name of Ministry (such as: "Stage2Ministries" or "Bob Smith Ministries")

  • Website (written in url form: https://empireministries.net)

  • Social Media Link (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, etc)

  • Phone

04: Media

We would love to post media of your ministry events on your directory page. Please follow these instructions when submitting media to us for your profile page.

VIDEOS: We can link to video currently hosted on a popular web service like YouTube, but we cannot upload the actual video to our server. Please copy and paste the url address of your video into your email. Each profile page is pre-configured to allow for 2 videos. Visitors to our site will have the ability to play these videos directly on your profile page.

IMAGES: There is room on each profile page to show a maximum of 4 ministry related images. These will be displayed as a small gallery. Visitors to the website will be able to click and enlarge these photos, and so only high-resolution images can be used. The images below are good examples of ministry related photos to upload for your profile.

05: Upload

Getting your info to us is easy. Simply email the information to: admin@ncevangelists.org

We'll get right to work updating your profile page, but please understand we are also in ministry, and so it could take a week or so to post.

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NC Baptist Evangelists are those who feel called to evangelism as a life’s work.

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