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We are a conservative Christian ministry dedicated to preaching the Gospel of JESUS CHRIST wherever the LORD leads us to go. We do not have a set charge for our services, desiring rather to depend on the LORD to supply our needs through the generosity of those to whom we minister. Dr. Kimball and his wife, Docie are active members of North Roxboro Baptist Church in Roxboro, NC and involved in the Beulah Baptist Association. We reside in Roxboro, NC, ministering through Kimball Evangelistic Ministries, and serving as volunteer chaplain for the Roxboro Police Department. Dr. Kimball has 17 years combined ministerial experience ministry. He holds a doctorate in pastoral counseling, and is a member of Emergency Chaplains, located in Durham, NC ( and is now serving as Vice President of the North Carolina Baptist Vocational Evangelist's Fellowship. He has led revivals and crusades in Romania, Hungary, Sierra Leone, Republic of South Africa, and several states at home and has a partnership with Indian Counsel of Missions Ministries in Southern India.


Vocational evangelists are those who feel called to evangelism as a life’s work.

Vocational evangelists differ from individuals who have a heart for evangelism. Through their unique calling, vocational evangelists have the freedom and opportunity to go anywhere at anytime to be used of God as a harvest evangelist, a music evangelist, a revivalist, a conference speaker and more.

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