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Chris Allen Ministries has its hands in many ministry venues, from working with his sister Merrie each summer at Caswell, to studying at Southeastern Seminary in the winters, traveling all over the Southeast preaching and teaching "Purity in All Things" is where his love and passion is to this generation of teenagers. That 'True Love Does Wait" - When we get our first love in Christ right. That in choosing Christ you will have to make hard choices as a teenager that will challenge you, choosing the road less traveled. But in this unpopular road is where we find our 'Peace with God' Romans 5:1-2. In "Winning Youth to Christ" Chris knows he has to be open and transparent in his teachings and lessons learned, as he shares his horrible choices and mistakes he made as a teenager. Choices that led to a 29 year journey of running from God. chasing materialism and wealth, years later it left him homeless on a Caribbean Island for 10 years, broken in his sins of addictions of alcohol and drugs, eventually to a prison cell. That God uses His people to come to our rescue, his sister Merrie and Dad, finding Chris, in 2001, homeless on a park bench in St. Thomas, U.S. Virgin Islands. Finally and completely broken after all those years Chris shares this one simple truth; "when you have lost it all, and all that is left to turn to is Christ, it is then you come to realize that Christ is all you need."


Vocational evangelists are those who feel called to evangelism as a life’s work.

Vocational evangelists differ from individuals who have a heart for evangelism. Through their unique calling, vocational evangelists have the freedom and opportunity to go anywhere at anytime to be used of God as a harvest evangelist, a music evangelist, a revivalist, a conference speaker and more.

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