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Bruce Parsons

Shepherd’s Grace Ministries (Brotherhood of the Revelation)

Bruce has been reaching the lost for 20 years through many avenues. He has served as Pastor, Youth Leader, Church Planter, but his love and passion has always been evangelism. Shepherd’s Grace Ministries has seen hundreds of people come to Christ each year through our softball ministry, drug and alcohol use ministry, homeless ministry (Bruce was homeless for a time growing up) and street evangelism. Bruce shares the gospel in a simple yet effective way that anyone can understand. Brotherhood of the Revelation is the motorcycle portion of the ministry. Bruce reaches the ones that most people don’t want to talk to. We reach the motorcycle community, drug users and sellers, and the prostitutes. He loves all people just as Christ loves all. Bruce was a drug user and alcoholic during the life before Christ and knows how to relate and talk to them. Bruce is available for pulpit supply, harvest evangelist, special events, and evangelism training. If we can be of service in any way, please feel free to contact us.


Vocational evangelists are those who feel called to evangelism as a life’s work.

Vocational evangelists differ from individuals who have a heart for evangelism. Through their unique calling, vocational evangelists have the freedom and opportunity to go anywhere at anytime to be used of God as a harvest evangelist, a music evangelist, a revivalist, a conference speaker and more.

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